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Personalised, one-on-one coaching through the complete low FODMAP diet, so you can work out YOUR triggers and take back control of your gut in just 14 weeks.





  • Confident and in control of your career, your social life, your relationships

  • Hard worker who gets results

  • Eat healthily (most of the time) and fit in spin classes before work (when you manage to peel yourself out of bed)

BUT you have..

  • No control over your unpredictable gut

  • Tried EVERYTHING yet you’re STILL left lying on the sofa too uncomfortable to move, not being able to fit into any of your clothes other than your ‘bloat day’ dresses

  • Done so many healthy things for your body, yet still can’t go anywhere without worrying about running to the toilet (or wishing you DID need to go!)

To put it bluntly, it sucks. You’re..

  • Starting to think of dinner with your friends as a stress rather than a joy because you worry about every morsel of food you eat and whether your gut will let you enjoy it

  • So frustrated because you just can’t figure out how to make yourself feel better

  • Spending time & money cutting out gluten, trying probiotics, yoga etc etc, but you’re fed up because it hasn’t worked and you still have no answers as to what’s triggering your symptoms

  • Exhausted from the constant bloating and tummy cramps

  • Stuck, because you’ve seen a doctor/dietician to try & figure this out, but still have no answers because they haven’t taken you seriously

  • Overwhelmed. You’ve looked into trying the low FODMAP diet but struggled to get started because it’s complicated & time consuming to figure out, and time is something you certainly don’t have enough of!

frustrated and fed up with your gut, and feel like it’s the one thing you just can’t control.

You just want to understand what’s causing your symptoms and feel like you’re in control of your gut and your life. 


You KNOW you can figure out your triggers and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR GUT

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  • Excited to go and meet friends for dinner because you know what foods you can enjoy without upsetting your gut and you’re confident in what to order to avoid a dash to the bathroom

  • Feeling triumphant because you’ve managed to figure out how to make yourself feel better by eating the right things and avoiding the wrong things

  • Not wasting your time and money with expensive treatments because you finally have answers and you know what’s triggering your symptoms

  • Feeling comfortable and energised because you’re no longer suffering in silence

  • Confident of  exactly what foods to avoid because you were supported through learning your triggers

  • IN CONTROL of your gut. You’re a girl on fire and nothing will hold you back now. You’re going to ace that interview, train for that triathlon and wear that little black dress again

Loren Kelly - Your Gut Triggers Testimonial
Before working with Sophie, I was struggling with constipation, irregular bowel movements and discomfort, especially when travelling. I wanted to figure out what was causing the constipation and try to avoid it! Sophie helped me with this by introducing me to the Low FODMAP Diet and how to reintroduce the foods one by one to identify the roots of the issue, recommending gut-friendly products, and providing accountability and coaching.

Sophie is an encourager through and through and genuinely cares about her clients and their well-being. She is dependable and committed - she was there every Monday on time (even from a camper van!) and sent weekly reports of progress and homework. Sophie is also very knowledgeable about IBS, triggers, Low FODMAP program, and products.

As a result of this program, I can now travel with far fewer symptoms. I know what causes IBS for me and am far more educated about what to do to avoid flare ups! My quality of life when travelling has improved tremendously.

I would recommend Sophie to anyone. No one should have to live life struggling with IBS!
— Loren Kelly
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Get ready to change your life.

YOUR GUT TRIGGERS will take you from feeling uncomfortable, out of control, bloated and alone to knowing exactly which foods you can eat without feeling miserable.

At last, you’re feeling excited to try somewhere new for dinner, making spontaneous plans and booking holidays, killing it at work and even booking in that triathlon (maybe..)

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A personal one-on-one coaching program to identify what’s triggering your symptoms and figure out what you can do to heal your gut.

Say goodbye to impromptu bathroom dashes and having to wear your ‘baggy, bloat day’ dresses, because your new comfortable gut is waiting.

YOUR GUT TRIGGERS gives you the support and the strategy you need to go from feeling like your gut controls you to YOU having complete control over your gut, in just 14 weeks.



  1. PERSONALISED GUT HEALTH ASSESSMENT - 90 minute, in depth, personalised gut health assessment where we review the food diary and questionnaire that I’ll give you to fill in when you sign up. This means you get a plan that works for YOU. No cookie cutter approach, but something that fits into your life.

  2. PERSONAL STEP BY STEP PLAN - to work out your triggers + make nutrition/lifestyle tweaks to nourish your gut, so you don’t have to spend time or brain power working out WHAT to do. You can simply focus on doing it.

  3. WEEKLY CONSULTATIONS + FOOD DIARY REVIEWS -  1 hour one-on-one online video coaching calls every week, delivered via Zoom (like Skype) so you have accountability and support to keep you on track, without feeling overwhelmed and alone. In between calls, you’ll have email support in between calls, so you get answers to questions when you need them and never be alone in this.

  4. RESOURCES - you’ll get expertise on FODMAP elimination and reintroduction, guides on shopping, cooking and meal planning, plus recipes and meal ideas. This means you can get rid of that overwhelm and make this work for YOU so you can feel better quickly and work out your triggers.

  5. A SUSTAINABLE PLAN - you’ll be supported with everything you need to fit this new, personalised diet into your life and to further support your gut so you can sustain the progress you’ve made and keep on feeling better and better.


You’ll get everything you need to work out what your triggers are, nourish your gut, and feel better

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Less bloated, less constipated, in less pain etc..resulting in more energy and no more suffering in silence! Hell, no more suffering!


You’re triumphant because you finally understand what’s triggering your gut symptoms, so you’re the boss! You can feel in control of your gut for the first time, rather than the other way around. You know what causes your symptoms, so you choose to avoid those things. You know what makes your gut feel better, so you choose to say ‘yes’ to those things.


(to go out and live your life without worry)

To make plans, book holidays, socialise, go out for dinner, wear any dress in your wardrobe, succeed at school and work, train for that 10k..

You’ll no longer spend your time fed up and frustrated at trying to figure it out.

Instead, you’ll wake up comfortable and excited to make plans.



We don’t JUST focus on the low FODMAP diet. Alongside the low FODMAP diet,  you’ll be guided through so many other things at the same time. We’ll look at everything else that could be impacting YOUR IBS and work out what ALL of your triggers are, not just the food ones.

I’ve trained in the low FODMAP diet and I’ve done it myself, so I know how life changing it can be in helping you work out your food triggers. However, I also know it’s not the be all and end all: there’s more to taking control of your gut.

There are so many other things related to how you eat and live your life that can trigger your IBS symptoms. Through my Integrative Nutrition health coach training, and specialism in gut health, as well as my personal experience, I know the difference a holistic approach to healing your gut can make.

With a combination of the low FODMAP diet plus holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes, you CAN work out ALL of your triggers and take control of your gut. FOR GOOD.

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(that’s less than $500 per month!)



  1. Click the button below to schedule a totally free consult call.

  2. You’ll be taken to my scheduling system, where you can pick out a time that suits you.

  3. Once the time is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link to Zoom (like Skype) for our call. The call will last about 30 minutes and it’ll help us work out if the program’s right for you. We’ll talk through your problems and goals, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you have. There is absolutely no pressure - you don’t have to make a decision on this call.

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Before I started working with Sophie, I was really struggling with several IBS symptoms. Working through the Low FODMAP diet with Sophie was a great experience and also extremely successful. I have accomplished all my goals (and more!) and all my symptoms have diminished significantly. I’m feeling so much better and healthier! Specifically, my bloating and constipation reduced significantly. I have changed my snacking habits, implemented proper eating schedules, filling breakfasts and removed desserts from my diet. The most important thing is that I now have a list of foods that cause the symptoms and a sustainable plan for the future. And I have even lost some weight!

I know that all the changes I made are sustainable and I’ve carried on with them after the programme too! Most importantly, Sophie has a holistic approach to her coaching and we concentrated on creating a few habits for me that went beyond nutrition! I highly recommend Sophie’s programme.
— Aggie, Dubai
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