You KNOW that you can figure out your triggers

You KNOW that you can work out what’s causing your symptoms


I totally get how you feel, because I was in the exact same position. I ate really healthily, I did lots of exercise, but my stomach would still balloon up whenever it felt like it. I had a busy job, a hectic social life and a great relationship, and my gut was getting in the way of that..and it did for YEARS. I never mentioned it to anybody, because ‘I didn’t look ill’ and, when I did mention it to doctors, it wasn’t taken seriously. So, I just threw on a ‘bloated stomach day’ dress and soldiered on.

I know that, even if you think it is possible to be in control of your gut, it seems like it’s going to be super complicated and take FOREVER...but it doesn’t have to. I struggled with my IBS (before and after it was actually ‘diagnosed’) for years. I was bloated and constipated and just felt so uncomfortable all the time.

Then I got a parasite infection and it got ten times I forced myself to figure it out. I discovered the low FODMAP diet, which allowed me to work out what my triggers were, and then simple nutrition + lifestyle tweaks that supported my gut, and I finally gained control of my gut. So, I created the 14 Week Gut Control Program to help other women like me do the same.