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A one-to-one call and personalized assessment of your diet + lifestyle. After just a 1 hour call, you’ll have a clear plan, tailored to you, for what to do to start taking control of your gut.





  • Self-motivated and can achieve anything when you set your mind to it

  • Don’t need anyone to hold you accountable

  • A master at getting on with things despite nasty gut symptoms

BUT you are…

  • Tired of dealing with unpredictable bloating, heartburn, discomfort, constipation or diarrhoea

  • Sick of reading so many things and hearing so many tips about what to do

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start

You need some help! You’ve..

  • Started to think of dinner with your friends as a stress rather than a joy because you worry about every morsel of food you eat and whether your gut will let you enjoy it.

  • Fit so much into your day but you’re tired because constantly dealing with your unhappy gut is exhausting and overwhelming.

  • Gone to a doctor or dietitian to try and figure this out, but still have no answers because they haven’t taken you seriously or given you any help.

  • Been given tips and advice, but you haven’t tried any of it because you’re overwhelmed by it all and don’t know if it will work for you.

  • Heard of elimination diets but haven’t done one because they are complicated and time consuming to figure it out, and time is something you certainly don’t have enough of!

frustrated and fed up with your gut, but you don’t know where to start with figuring it out.

You just want to know what to do and where to start to make your gut happy, and then you know you can go away and do it yourself. You just need that kickstart!


You KNOW you need to do something

You KNOW it must be possible to make your gut happier


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I ate really healthily, I did lots of exercise, but my stomach would still balloon up whenever it felt like it. I had a busy job, a hectic social life and a great relationship, and my gut was getting in the way of that..and it did for YEARS. I never mentioned it to anybody, because ‘I didn’t look ill’ and, when I did mention it to doctors, it wasn’t taken seriously. So, I just threw on a ‘bloated stomach day’ dress and soldiered on.

I know that, even if you think it is possible to be in control of your gut, it seems like it’s going to be super complicated and take FOREVER...but it doesn’t have to. I struggled with my IBS (before and after it was actually ‘diagnosed’) for years. I was bloated and constipated and just felt so uncomfortable all the time.

Then I got a parasite infection and it got ten times I forced myself to figure it out. I discovered what my food triggers were through the low FODMAP diet, made simple nutrition + lifestyle tweaks that supported my gut, and I finally gained control of my gut.

So, I created the Happy Gut Kickstart to give you the kickstart you need to start gaining control of yours too.




  • Clear on the things in your life that are making your gut unhappy, so you can confidently make changes, because you’ve had them clearly explained.

  • Excited and motivated to make changes to your diet because you know they’re the right changes for you.

  • Encouraged to make a start because you’ve got a clear plan to follow.

  • Calmer, because you’re totally clear on whether an elimination diet is right for you.

  • HAPPIER! You know what to try to make your gut healthier. You’re making changes and you’re feeling happier, eating healthier, and getting on with your life.

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I’ve struggled with my food for DECADES. I’ve explored many different ways to address this... to no avail. I eat lots of sugar and lots of processed foods. I know this is unhelpful, but knowing and doing are two different things. Sophie gave me solid suggestions that I could actually DO. She did not suggest that I eliminate anything to start. For example, she suggested I ADD some fiber and offered suggestions for how I might do that. She did not insist that I take anything away. This helped calm me down right off the bat. I want to hold onto my food! I started to add one TBS of flax the day of our call and nearly a week later I already feel better! A simple, doable change that is working for me. I’ve struggled with pretty severe, regularly diarrhea for ages and just deal with it. Since we spoke I haven’t had a single bout. After the call I feel empowered! I can make the changes that we agreed to.

The specific things I implemented after the call were: I added flax. I set regular times to eat and am sticking to them even if I don’t feel like it. I am being careful of caffeine after 3pm. My poop has already started to improve tremendously! My belly is less full and round and I feel so much better. How is that possible with these tiny changes? I am so happy.

Sophie is kind and thoughtful. She approached me with zero judgment and really listened. She had thoughtful, wise suggestions that I could actually implement. If you struggle with digestive concerns such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, you are not alone and you do not need to suffer. You will be positively amazed at how quickly you can improve these symptoms with teeny tiny changes to your lifestyle.
— Kara, Virginia
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A 1 hour one-on-one coaching call, plus a thorough diet and lifestyle assessment, that will leave you with an action plan to help you to identify what’s triggering your symptoms and figure out what you can do to heal your gut. It will be totally personalised to you, so you can get started on taking control of your gut right away.

Say goodbye to confusion and overwhelm because a clear, personalised, plan is waiting.

The Happy Gut Kickstart is all about giving you the kickstart you need to go from overwhelmed and stuck to clear, confident, and excited to start making moves towards a happier gut!



  • Personal Gut Assessment - I’ll assess your current diet and lifestyle through a questionnaire and food diary, so you will get a plan that is completely personalized to you.

  • 1-to-1 Coaching Call - so you can get recommendations that will work for you and you can ask any questions you need to, and leave feeling like you’ve got all the answers and know exactly what to do next.

  • Happy Gut Action Plan - a detailed plan of action for what to start doing right now to help take control of your gut and start feeling better.

  • Personalized Resources - after the call, you’ll be sent your plan and any extra resources you might need to help you get started. You’ll have everything you need to feel confident about fitting this into your life.

You’ll get everything you need to get started on taking control of your gut right away. You’ll no longer be overwhelmed and stuck. You’ll be confident, clear and excited to get started on your happy gut plan, as you’ll know exactly what to do.

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The HAPPY GUT KICKSTART is just $145



  1. Click the button below to book

  2. You’ll be taken to my scheduling system, where you can pick out a time that suits you and make your payment. This must be at least one week away, to give you time to complete the food diary.

  3. Once the time is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link to Zoom (like Skype) for our call as well as the food diary and questionnaire, to help me prepare for your assessment.

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Before the Happy Gut Kickstart I was struggling with rosacea and bloating. Sophie helped me by giving me insight on the major causes of these symptoms. After the call, I feel so relieved there’s something I can do about it, that’s also good for me. Specifically, I’ve been able to implement some positive changes that are providing immediate results. I loved getting confirmation on what I’m already doing that is helping. Also, it was great to have confirmation that my struggles are real and that I indeed could use some help in this area.

Sophie was caring, knowledgeable and resourceful. I would recommend the Happy Gut Kickstart to anyone struggling with gut issues in general.
— Angelica, Florida
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If this all sounds great, but you’re not quite sure it’s right for you, then let’s chat.

  1. Click the button below to schedule a consult call.

  2. You’ll be directed to my scheduling system, where you can pick out a time that suits you.

  3. Once the time is confirmed, you’ll be sent a Zoom link to our video call, which you’ll just need to click on at the time of the call . The call will last 30 minutes and it’ll help us work out if you’ll be a great for for the Happy Gut Kickstart.

We’ll talk through your problems and goals, and you’ll be able to ask any questions that you may have. There is absolutely no pressure - you don’t have to make a decision on this call. I’ll follow up with you via email the next day, so you’ve got time to think about everything we talked through.

If we decide you’re a fit for the Happy Gut Kickstart, I’ll send you through the link to get your call booked in.

Before the Happy Gut Kickstart my main struggle was stomach pain every time I ate. Sophie helped me by addressing the type of food I eat and the impacts of it.
After the call, I feel relieved knowing I can change small things that can have a huge impact.
As a result of the call, I have a clear understanding of my own gut and what my gut needs, as well as food options that can help my gut. Sophie is personable, accommodating and very open.

I would recommend the Happy Gut Kickstart to the people who want to know how to heal their body naturally - it always starts with your gut.
— Frances, Philippines
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Before the call, my main struggles were bloating, gas, and loose stools. They are better than they used to be, but they still plague me and I have never been able to pinpoint exactly what could be causing the issues. Sophie helped me with these struggles by clearly explaining how stress, poor sleep, and FODMAPs might be to blame for my GI woes. She was very thorough in addressing points made in my pre-work questionnaire and in going through my Food Diary to help point out instances where stress/sleep/FODMAPs could have been the culprit for my GI issues. After the call, I feel motivated, encouraged, and excited to dip my toe into another food elimination diet in order to better pinpoint my GI woes.

Sophie is warm and easy to talk with. She is meticulous and informative. She also does a great job of breaking down explanations so they are easy to understand and digest. I would recommend the Happy Gut Kickstart to anyone that is struggling with any kind of GI distress. I am someone who has had great success with Paleo/Whole30 style eating, but it never completely eliminated my GI distress. Sophie’s information on FODMAPs and the role stress can play on my gut was incredibly eye opening.
— Rachel, Indiana
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