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6 week CALM YOUR GUT program

A 6 week, personalized one-on-one coaching program to support you through making sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle that can make a big difference to your gut




You’re the kind of person who soldiers on. You suffer with bloating, heartburn, cramps, gas, diarrhea or constipation but you ignore it and keep on going with everything you’ve got going on in your life.

BUT..’ve got to a point where you don’t want to keep soldiering on. You want to feel better, you don’t want to live like this forever, but you don’t know where to start with calming your unruly gut.

  • You love going out for dinner with friends, but it’s become a stress for you rather than a joy because you worry about every morsel of food you eat and whether your stomach will let you enjoy it.

  • You’re trying to get on with your life but you’re tired because constantly feeling bloated, uncomfortable, or constipated is exhausting and overwhelming.

  • You’ve heard about how your friends have felt better on the Paleo, Keto or Whole30 diet, but you are totally overwhelmed by those because they seem so complicated and restrictive.

  • You’ve gone to a doctor to try and figure this out, but still have no answers because they haven’t taken you seriously or given you any help.

  • You’ve tried the Iberogast, Imodium, Buscopan, and anything else they’ve given you, but you’re fed up because it hasn’t really helped and you don’t want to be taking pills forever.

  • You’ve tried a dietitian, but they left you feeling more hopeless because their only advice was to give up gluten, dairy and sugar..easier said than done.

  • You know you want to feel better, but you’re stuck because you feel like you’re going to have to make a huge change and give up all the food you love, and you’re just not ready for that.

You’re frustrated and fed up with your gut, and overwhelmed by all the complicated solutions and diets that you’re hearing about.

You just want to FEEL BETTER without having to make massive changes.


You KNOW you can feel better

You KNOW you can have a calmer, happier gut


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I GET that it doesn’t seem possible right now to calm your gut without going on some ‘crazy’ diet

I was in your exact position. I had a busy job, a hectic social life and a great relationship, and my gut was getting in the way of that..and it did for YEARS. I never mentioned it to anybody, because ‘I didn’t look ill’ and, when I did mention it to doctors, it wasn’t taken seriously. So, I just threw on a ‘bloated stomach day’ dress and soldiered on.

I know it probably doesn’t seem like you can calm your gut without MASSIVE changes, but it can be done. I went through the low FODMAP elimination diet myself, and I’ve helped lots of clients with it. However, I’ve found that there are so many small, simple changes that I myself, and my clients, have made to their diets and lifestyles, that have had HUGE results. I know for certain that, before even thinking about a huge overhaul of your diet, there are so many smaller, simpler tweaks you can make to your diet and lifestyle that can make your gut much, much calmer.

That’s why I created the CALM YOUR GUT program, so that I could help women like you, who are sick and tired of nasty gut symptoms, to calm their gut with simple diet and lifestyle changes.



  • Energized to do the things you love because your bloated, uncomfortable gut has calmed down.

  • Triumphant because you’ve managed to feel better without a huge overhaul to your life.

  • Calmer (it’s not just your gut!) because you’re now totally clear on whether an elimination diet would be right for you, and which one.

  • Content that you’re not making yourself sicker with more and more medications because you’ve reduced your symptoms in natural ways.

  • Confident and positive that you won’t be suffering forever, because you’ve seen the improvements you can make in just 6 weeks and you’re excited to keep going.

  • So much more IN CONTROL of your gut. You know what you can do to make your gut calmer, and you know what to avoid that will make it worse.

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The 6 week CALM YOUR GUT Program

A 6 week, personalized one-on-one coaching program to support you through making sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle that can make a big difference to your gut.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do, because a plan that’s tailored JUST FOR YOU is waiting.

CALM YOUR GUT is all about giving you the personalized support and strategy that you need to make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle, leaving you with a much calmer gut.



  • A personalized plan - to make nutrition and lifestyle tweaks that will work for YOU, so you don’t have to spend time or brain power working out WHAT to do. You can simply focus on doing it.

  • 6 weekly one-on-one coaching video calls + food diary reviews - so you have personalized support and accountability to keep you going.

  • Email support - in between calls, so you get answers to questions when you need them.

  • Personalized meal ideas + recommendations - so you can fit this into YOUR life and make it work for YOU.

  • Next steps - you’ll be left with a clear idea of what to do next to keep calming your gut more and more, and whether an elimination diet is right for you.

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Before I started working with Sophie, I was struggling with a complex chronic bowel condition and grief. My goals for the program were better sleep, to stress less and relief from my condition. Sophie helped me work towards my goals by encouraging me, listening to my complaints, and helping me regulate my bowels, exercise and drink more.

After working with Sophie, I am stronger, feel healthier, and have a regular bowel habit. Sophie is kind, empathetic and a great listener. She is such a caring and knowledgeable coach. She had helped me beyond what I thought possible. She isn’t shocked by anything and it was such a relief to talk to someone about my bowel condition who wasn’t embarrassed!
— Bex, Essex
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If you’re excited by what you’ve just heard, click the button below to schedule a totally free consult call.

You’ll be taken to my scheduling system, where you can pick out a time that suits you. Once the time is confirmed, you’ll be sent a link to Zoom for our call. The call will last 30 minutes and it’ll help us work out if the program’s right for you.

We’ll talk through your problems and goals, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have. There is absolutely no pressure - you don’t have to make a decision on this call. I’ll follow up with you via email the next day, so you’ve got time to think about everything we talked through.

If we decide you’re a fit for the program, I’ll send you through payment details and we’ll discuss getting started.

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