IBS-D can be totally debilitating and really get in the way of you being able to do the things you enjoy, with confidence. It can leave you in a state of total anxiety, as you’ve got no idea what your gut is going to let you enjoy every day.

I speak to so many people who are left eating such a limited selection of foods, out of fear that everything is going to trigger that dash to the bathroom. Whilst figuring out exactly what YOUR triggers are can be life changing (click here for foods that could be triggering your IBS-D), it can also be hard when you’re constantly focusing on the things you can’t eat.

The good news is, there are some things you can ADD in to help reduce your IBS-D symptoms. Sometimes, just focusing on adding, rather than removing, can help you feel a lot more positive about the situation.

Here, you’ll discover 3 simple things that you can start eating or taking today to help reduce those IBS-D symptoms. It’s not all about cutting things out..



I’m sure you already know that probiotics are good for your gut. However, whether a probiotic actually reduces your symptoms and makes you feel any better depends on WHICH probiotic you take.

Saccharomyces boulardii is the only probiotic that isn’t actually a bacteria, but a yeast. This means that it survives the harsh stomach environment and even survives rounds of antibiotics, because antibiotics only kill bacteria. This is all great, but the real reason I’m talking about it is because it’s been proven to help reduce acute diarrhoea.

Take the time to research and find a good brand and then make sure you try it for at least 2 months, before you decide whether it’s working for you or not.


The other types of probiotics best studied for reducing symptoms of diarrhoea are lactic acid bacteria (you might see this listed as ‘lactobacilli’ in ingredients lists). They’re found in yoghurt and kefir. So, although dairy can be a huge trigger for IBS-D and it’s wise to avoid it when you have diarrhoea, yoghurt or kefir is the one exception.

Eating a portion of either of these a day can help reduce diarrhoea as well as restore the good bacteria that your body flushes out with the diarrhoea. Just make sure the yoghurt or kefir are low in added sugars, as these can actually worsen IBS-D symptoms.


Fibre is such a tricky one. It is essential for great digestion but too much of it can really trigger IBS-D symptoms as it speeds up the movement of food through the gut.

However, the right type of fibre supplement can actually help to REDUCE IBS-D symptoms. Fibre supplements with gel-forming properties have been proven to help with diarrhoea as they help to bulk up stool and improve consistency.

The best researched gel-forming fibre supplement is psyllium or isphagula husk, which you can get really cheaply from most supermarkets. It looks a bit like sawdust but can be sprinkled over breakfast cereal, or mixed into smoothies or oats quite easily. Other options are oats or methylcellulose and sterculia. To find a fibre supplement containing one of these latter too, you’ll need to inspect the ingredients list.

As with the probiotics, I’d recommend having a serving of this fibre every day and giving it 2 months before deciding whether it’s working for you or not. Obviously, if you start taking it and your symptoms get worse, stop it straight away!


It’s not all about removing things from your diet. There are things you can add in that have been proven to help reduce IBS-D symptoms.

3 Simple Tools to Help Reduce IBS-D Symptoms

  1. The probiotic saccharomyces boulardii

  2. Yoghurt or Kefir

  3. The right fibre supplement

Which one of these are you going to try? Let me know in the comments below.

If you also want to figure out what’s triggering your IBS symptoms, download the IBS Triggers Checklist - it’s FREE. It’ll give you 20 things that could be triggering all of your IBS symptoms.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and letting me be a part of your journey in taking control of your gut, eating well and living your life.

Sophie x



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